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What is Single Pass?

Single Pass™ is a site that allows you to create passwords using a single "master" password. You only have to remember your Single Pass password and Single Pass will generate unique, secure passwords for every other web site you visit. You never have to write down your passwords and risk somebody stealing your passwords with Single Pass.

How do I Use Single Pass?

First, select a complex Single Pass password that only you know. Don't write it down where it can be stolen. Memorize it. This will be your key to everything! If somebody steals your Single Pass password, all of your generated passwords will be compromised!

Enter your Single Pass password and a Service Name. A Service Name might be something like "". You name the services you use in whatever way you want. You can enter "apple" or "" or "". What is important is that you follow a consistent approach that you can remember. (Note that "Apple" and "apple" are different Service Names.)

Alternatively, write down the Service Names you use and consider using a password generator to create really complex Service Names for use with places like your bank. Without the exact Single Pass password and Service Name, Single Pass cannot generate the same Service Password. Complex passwords and Service Names stored in separate places (your head and a file on your computer, respectively) can help to protect your valuable information.

Once you enter your Single Pass password and Service Name, click "Compute" and your web browser will compute the 16-character Service Password for your service. Use the computed Service Password when visiting a web site.

Your Single Pass password is never sent to our site, so it is safe and secure in your hands.

That's it! You are no longer forced to memorizing dozens of passwords or write down hundreds of passwords. You only need to memorize one!

Single Pass Work Flow

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NOTE: The browser extension has been tested and works with Edge. You can install it from the the source via the link. However, we have not published it to the Microsoft Store since Microsoft charges US$99 for the privilege. Given the relatively low demand for Edge, it is not worth it to us to pay that fee. If it is important to you, please feel free to make that US$99 donation and we'll submit it to Microsoft for review.